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Bloombase SupPortal is our committment of service to our customers and partners. Users of Bloombase SupPortal will find useful and in-depth information of our latest product and solution offerings. Access to our product evaluation kit, rich online library of best practices, tutorials and manuals 24 x 7 anytime anywhere.

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Accessing SupPortal

Only Bloombase customers and partners who have valid service maintenance contract(s) are eligible to access this Suppotal website. If you are one of our customers, technology partners, business partners, value-added distributors (VAD), value-added resellers (VAR) and/or technical service providers (TSP) and you do not have a sign-on ID, please proceed to registration. Customers and partners without a SupPortal account may seek for technical knowledge of Bloombase products at Bloombase Knowledgebase.

Unable to Sign-on?

If you find difficulty signing on, check the followings

  • Did you sign on with your company email address? Full qualified email address is required
  • Recheck your password and make sure your keyboard Caps-Lock is not activated. Passwords are case-sensitive
  • Check your maintenance contract, your SupPortal account will get expired automatically on the next day of maintenance term. To re-activate maintenance, customers with known service contract number or license key identifiers please click here or contact us at support@bloombase.com

To request for a password reset, click here. Your new password will be reset and sent to your corporate email account.

Contact Support

Customers with a valid maintenance service contract please contact us to file a support call.